Angelore Parish

Angelore is situated amidst beauty of nature comprising hillocks, coconut trees is just 5 kms away from Mangalore city. Angelore is also known as Nagori. Its neighbouring parishes are Bendur, Bajal, Cordel (Kulshekar), Valencia.

Parish of Angelore is under the jurisdiction of Mangalore Diocese and comes under Roman Catholic Church. The Pope is the overall Spiritual Head over the entire Church spread through out the world and the Bishop of Mangalore is the spiritual Head of Catholic Churches in Mangalore Diocese.

Angelore Church, Mangalore

Parish History

The dawn for the better spiritual care of the Catholics became reality on March 03, 1935. Due to the lack of infrastructure facilities at that time, also additional burden of poverty in the families and Milagres, Bendur and Cordel parishes being far away. The faithful Catholics of Kankanady and Padil area had to face lots of difficulties to meet their spiritual and administrative requirements. Apart from these the Catholic residents of this area increasing substantially year by year thereby increasing their spiritual needs of the people.

The move to establish a new parish began extensively almost On 1st Sunday of January 1931 onwards. Keeping in the mind the good of the souls and the zeal of the people Christian leaders of the locality, the religious superiors of the diocese of Mangalore and the then Bishop of Mangalore Diocese Rt. Rev. Victor Rosario Fernandes decided to establish a new parish.

It was March 3 rd of 1935 (Sunday, The Lord's day) created a new chapter in the history in the Diocese of Mangalore. Dream realized and the new parish came into existence on this day to which people of Angelore certainly call ‘a golden day'. The new parish was formally established in the residence of Mr. John Coelho on a temporary basis. Thanks to Coelho family for their good will and sacrifice.

temporary church Angelore, Mangalore

March 3 rd of 1935, exactly at 7.00 A.M. His Excellency Bishop Victor R. Fernandes blessed, inaugurated and dedicated the Parish to “Guardian Angel” Along with the Vicars of the neighbouring parishes and the guest priest present appointed Rev. Fr. Gaulbert Noronha (Assistant Priest at Bendur Parish) the first Parish Chaplain (Parochial Administrator) for the Angelore Parish.

Sisters of Charity of Sts. Vincenta Gerosa and Bartholomea Capitanio (originally of Milan province - Italy) had established a new province in Belvedere, Mangalore. Purchasing a land for their needs from Mrs. Mary Saldahana in the Maroli village, Sisters out of good will decided to donate a part of the land to the diocese to build a church.

On July 1 st 1935, a new Parish council was formed. Mr. John Pereira was the first Vice President and Mr. Benjamin Xavier the First Secretary of the Parish council. J.B. Rasquinha (Musician & dramatist) was the devout Sacristan in beginning years in the history of the Parish. On May 5 th 1935, the Sodality of Legion of Mary was started. The Parish was divided into four wards namely Church Ward , St. Michael ward, St. Raphael ward & St. Joseph Ward .

On June 1 st 1936, the Sisters of Charity started a primary school dedicated to Guardian Angel. At the start, this school had 3 classrooms and 2 teachers. At present this school has been developed into a higher primary school, having a bigger building and giving education to more than 700 children of all faiths of the surrounding locality.

On 20 th December 1936, a bell that was imported from France. It was donated by the Mr. Avry D'Souza of Bejai at a cost of Rs. 252/- was blessed and erected for the Church. On 25 th May of this year Mr. George Lobo donated Rs. 6,000/- for a new church building. Same year with the permission of Mother Provincial of the Sisters of Charity, road construction work from the main road to the place marked for the construction of the new church was started. On January 01, 1937 the parish area was named 'Angelore' and rightly so because Guardian Angel was the patron of the parish. In local language Angelore means 'of Angels'

Feast of Nativity of Virgin Mary is another day of golden letters in the history of Angelore Parish. The Bishop Rt. Rev. Victor Fernandes laid the foundation stone for the construction of a new church. Rev. Fr. Piad D'Souza was the architect of the new church.

The inscription on the foundation stone thus reads :

Old Angelore Church, Mangalore

In the year 1937 Miss Mary Rasquinha , Miss Monty Crasta and Miss Eliza Pinto from our parish joined the Brigitine convent, Calicut thus creating a history being the first vocations from the new parish of Angelore.

On 17 th October 1937 Bishop Fernandes made the first Pastoral visit to our Parish. On this occasion, 99 children were given Confirmation. Same month, on the 23 rd, the Boys Sodality of Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary was established.

On the Feast day of Guardian Angels, Bishop Victor Fernandes blessed the new church building and celebrated the Eucharist. Rev. Fr. Gaulbert Noronhna who was till then serving as the Parish Chaplain (Parochial administrator) was appointed as the first of Parish Priest of Church of Guardian Angel, Angelore .

In 1949 St Ann’s Old-Age Home was constructed and inaugurated. On 02 November 1941, place of burial of the faithful (cemetery) was blessed. Same year a new Parish at Bajal was established and a part of Angelore Parish territory were included in the Bajal Parish.

Mr Simon Rasquinha donated the Marble Altar in 1972. Fr Gregory D’Souza constructed the portico and belfry in 1977. The old church was demolished in 1995 and Fr Norbert D’Souza constructed the new church which was inaugurated on April 28, 1997. Mrs Severine D’Souza , mother of Fr J.B. D’Souza donated the new belfry.