“Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy”, said Pope Francis. During the Lenten period, various forms of prayers are conducted by the faithful. One among them is Taizé Prayer, which is popular among the youth.

Taizé Prayer is a distinctive style of meditative prayer developed by an ecumenical community of monks in rural France. This quiet, moving reflective prayer combines elements of the Church's traditional Liturgy of the Hours with elements of contemplative meditation. A typical Taizé prayer service incorporates periods of silence with meditative readings from Scripture, prayers of praise and intercession, and the frequent repetition of simple, contemporary chants based on the Psalms or other parts of Scripture.

A 1-hour Taizé Prayer session was conducted for all the youth and parishioners by Angelore Youth Movement (AYM) on 2nd April 2023 at 6.45 pm at the Golden Jubilee Memorial Hall, Angelore.

Rev. Fr Roshan D'Cunha, Director, YCS, conducted this session. He gave a short introduction about Taizé, read the Bible verses and reflected on the same, taught the importance of family prayers, sufferings of Jesus Christ and prayed especially for the youth. Hymns were melodiously sung by the Angelore choir.

Around 50 youth and 24 parishioners participated in the prayer session along with the Parish Priest Rev. Fr William Menezes and Assistant Parish Priest Rev. Fr Lawrence Cutinha.

The session concluded by kneeling, praying near the cross and kissing the cross.

Taize Taize Taize Taize Taize