Outstanding Community leader of Mangalore

The prestigious international institute for public policy had announced it's award for outstanding community leader of Mangalore 2018 to Rev Fr William Menezes, the Parish priest of Angelore. The institute announces this award every year to the eminent persons who render valueable service to the society in different fields. The award was presented to Fr William Menezes today, December 16, 2018 at the Angelore Church Hall by the founder of the institute Mr Max and Jessy Rasquinha Dallas/ Houston, USA. The institute had observed the performance of Fr William Menezes at the Bishops house as a Public Relations Officer and the Estate Manager of the Diocese of Mangalore.

Through his life as a priest, Fr William has accepted life’s challenges with compassion and understanding. He placed his faith in God and accepted all the challenges that were entrusted upon him. He cherished the confidence in himself and tried his best to satisfy all those that surrounded him in his life as a priest for 30 years at different locations. In response Fr William thanked everyone and specially Mr Max and Mrs Jessy Rasquinha for recognizing his services and honoring him.

Mr Roshan Patrao, the vice president of the parish council welcomed the gathering and Mrs Dora Rodrigues the secretary highlighted the services of Fr William Menezes to the Mangalore Community. Mr Max Rasquinha in his speach he lauded the contribution of Fr William Menezes to the community Mr Albert Lasrado conducted the Programme.