Easter 2019

The Easter Celebration commenced at 7 pm with the blessing of the new fire by the main celebrant Rev. Fr William Menezes. The Easter Candle was lit and carried to the Altar calling on people to walk in the light of Risen Christ. Rev Fr Denzil Lobo sang the Exultet - the Easter Hymn.

Six readings from the Sacred Scriptures gave a glimpse of the salvation story of Israel and mankind in general. In his preaching Rev Fr Willaim called the faithful to believe in the resurrection of Jesus and renew their life with the hope of Resurrection. Later water was blessed and baptismal vows were renewed. Rev. Fr Denzil concelebratd. After the Mass, Parish Priest greeted everyone and thanked all who toiled hard to make the liturgy of the Holy Week a fruitful one.

Faithful who had gathered in great number wished each other after the Mass and with the peace of Jesus Risen returned home.