Catechism Inauguration at Angelore Church

Catechism Inauguration at Angelore Church

Mangaluru, June 18, 2018: Sunday Catechism for children was inaugurated in Angelore Church on 10th June 2018, at the 9.30 am mass. The mass began with the entrance procession, the vice president and each teacher carrying a rose which was offered to the statue of mother Mary and the holy Bible placed in front.

Rev Fr William Menezes, the Parish priest of the Parish celebrated the mass and it was concelebrated by Rev. Fr Denzil Lobo, Assistant parish priest. After the profession of faith all the fifteen catechism teachers came forward and pledged an oath to teach faith to the Parish children.

Followed by mass, the children enrolled their names in their respective class rooms for the Sunday Catechism. The children were given Sweets after the Mass.

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