Catechism Inauguration

Catechism Inauguration at Angelore Church

Sunday Catechism for the academic year 2022-23 was inaugurated on 5th June 2022, at 9.30 a.m. Mass, at Guardian Angel Church, Angelore. The auspicious event commenced with Entrance procession with the Altar servers carrying a thurible with burning incense, the processional cross carried by co-ordinator, a couple of parents with lighted candles, along with one child from each class carrying a rose. And all the class teachers and the substitute carrying a small Bibles and Vice president and the Parish Priest and Assistant parish priest with the Holy Bible all walked together slowly and reverently towards the Altar and stood in a semi- circle and thereafter the Holy Bible was enthroned and honoured with the flowers and incense by Rev. Fr. William Menezes the Parish Priest. And all those who came in procession proclaimed the importance of the Holy Scripture in their lives through slogans. 

Rev Fr Lawrence Cutinha, the Assistant Parish priest  and Rev. William Menezes parish priest concelebrated the Holy Eucharist, celebrating the feast of the Pentecost. After the profession of faith all the fifteen catechism teachers came forward and pledged an oath to teach faith to the Parish children and they would proclaim the holy Bible and teach Catechism with complete dedication during the year. Catechism teachers animated the liturgy of the day. The children were given sweets after the Mass.