Aatid Onji Dina

Aatid Ongi Dina

'Sthree Sanghatan Angelore' organised an event “Aatid Onji Dina” on 28th July 2019.

Along with the 30 members, Asst. Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Denzil Lobo and Sr. Lona co-ordinator were present for the programme.

The meaning of 'Aati' and the significance of 'Aati' was discussed in the gathering. a variety of Aati food was prepared and brought by the members was shared. Around 20 types of food items like Pathrode, Patholi, Gario, Moong ani Kirl, Mithache Ghare sukke, Vorn, Kube Mutli, Kori Pundi, Thaikulo Sukka etc were the delicacies. Everyone tasted the food and enjoyed.

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