The members of the Legion of Mary of Angelore church celebrated their annual day on 16th October 2022. The celebration commenced with Eucharistic celebration at 7.30 a.m., which was concelebrated by Rev. Fr. William Menezes, Parish Priest and Spiritual Director, Rev. Fr. Rupesh Tauro, Assistant Director, St. Anthony Asylum, Jeppu. A short get-together at the Church Mini Hall followed the Eucharistic celebration. Breakfast was served to the guests and members. Guests from Valencia Presidi also participated in the celebration. During the get-together, a small entertainment programme was presented.

“Legio Mariae is the Army of Mother Mary. Our country’s border is protected by the soldiers with their weapons, but we use rosary as our weapon to fight against the evil spirits” – this was the message given by the MC of the programme Mrs. Benedicta Vas in her prelude.

The programme commenced with a prayer hymn dedicated to Mother Mary led by Mrs. Stella Fernandes and team. The programme was presided over by Rev. Fr. William Menezes. Rev. Fr. Rupesh Tauro; Rev. Fr. Lawrence Cutinha, Assistant Parish Priest; Rev. Sr. Lorna D’Souza, Assistant Spiritual Director; Mr. Noel Pinto, Vice President of the Parish Pastoral Council, Mrs. Lolina D’Souza, Secretary of the Parish Pastoral Council, were also present. Mrs. Jacintha Pinto, President of Legion of Mary, welcomed the distinguished guests on the dais, and the guests and members off the dais. The annual report was read by Mrs. Celine D’Souza, Secretary of Legion Mary.

She emphasised on the special duties done by the members. The members regularly visit the sick and spend some time with them. Also, consolation visits to the needy and depressed with no company, attending to their needs or requests, are some of the duties of the members. One of the members is giving nursing care in her neighbourhood and also spreading the message of Jesus Christ on the basis of the homily she receives on Sundays. Another member is an animator to the altar servers, and is also teaching catechism on Sundays. A youngster who abstained from attending mass since three years has been helped to rejuvenate his faith and attend Sunday mass.

Rev. Sr. Lorna takes immense interest in guiding the legionaries and is a role model to them. Despite her busy schedule she makes it a point to attend the meeting every Saturday and the members are led and guided by her with an effective allocutio.

Rev. Fr. William led the Kathen prayers of the legion and addressed the gathering. In his presidential address, he applauded the members for their service to the families as well as to the Church and said: as the ship doesn’t sink when it is anchored, so also your families will not sink with the help of your rosary. As Mother Mary went to help Elizabeth, you should walk in her footsteps.

As part of the cultural programme, a meaningful skit was presented by Mrs. Benedicta Vas, Mrs. Annie Pinto and Mrs. Felcy Savitha – with the name News Reporter. The evergreen Konkani song “Ye Ye Kathrina” was enacted by Mrs. Stella Fernandes and Mrs. Jessy Sequeira. All the guests had a hearty laugh watching it.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Mrs. Felciana D’Souza, Vice President of the Legion. Rev. Fr. William Menezes led the concluding prayer of the legion and blessed those gathered. The programme concluded with singing a hymn in honour of Mother Mary.

The programme was compèred by Mrs. Benedicta Vas and Mrs. Jacinta Pinto.

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