The Indian Constitution has given its citizens the right to elect their representatives through the ballot paper. Once in 5 years we elect our representatives to local bodies, state assembly and the Parliament. 10th May 2023 was one more such occasion – to cast our vote to elect representatives to the state’s assembly.

Be it Adarsha School, Amritha College, Guardian Angel School or Capitanio School, the mood was upbeat. The people reached their respective polling booths even before the doors opened for voting. There were reports that some had reached the polling booths as early as 6 a.m. – a sign that people still believe in the power of the ballot paper.

The Diocese of Mangalore had taken up the task of 100% voting. To make this campaign effective, Angelore Parish had initiated the ground work as far back as January, and the gurkars, ward representatives, and members of various organisations of the parish worked full time.

Parishioners of goodwill gladly consented to ferry the elderly, sick and disabled in their neighbourhood to the polling booths to ensure that no vote was wasted. Wheelchairs were arranged for those who needed extra assistance.

The unrelenting spirit of Rev. Fr William Menezes, Rev. Fr Lawrence Cutinho and the members of parish organisations has resulted in 95% voting in the parish.

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