Angelore Youth Movement (AYM)

The Angelore Youth Movement (AYM) was started in the year 2015 by Rev. Fr. Mathew Vas. Before the establishment of our unit, we had two separate associations for the youth of our parish. For the betterment of the youth, a conference was called and the members of both the previous associations decided that a singular unit would enhance the unity of the youth. Thus the AYM unit was formed and we currently bolster over 40 active members.

We have been operating under the Parish Priest and have conducted various events in our parish. We conduct the annual “Baal Angelore”, a talent expo for the children under 5 years of age. We have also organized a career guidance programme for the young adults of our parish, to provide them with the essential information so that they are better equipped to achieve their goals in life. The members take active part in volunteering for various programmes carried out by the Parish, the ward and as well as the Diocese. Every year we conduct games and other activities for our parishioners on the occasion of our church feast. This year we have organized a special “Taize” prayer service for our parishioners. We also organize programmes to spread the message of Christ to our non-Catholic brethren during the Christmas season.

We the members of AYM unit strive to work for the betterment of our parish and community. We will continue to serve our church and be the instruments to spread the word of Christ.