Church Choir

When our Parish was Established, Mr. J.B. Rasquinha (who was the sacristan) took the lead in Choir (singing hymns) during mass and other Liturgical services. Mr. Simon Rasquinha, and a few others used to assist Mr. J.B. Rasquinha. In 1939, when the new Church was inaugurated, many singers and musicians from other parishes joined the choir and participated in the celebration. The Liturgy was conducted in Latin language those days.

In 1945, during Christmas time, Mr. J. B. Rasquinha started choir group with eleven members. As the years passed, the Choir could not continue due to lack of proficient Choir Masters and also shortage of members. Thus choir group stopped functioning in 1960.

After the Second Vatican Council, Sisters of Charity took the initiative of training our Parish Youth and formed a choir. Sr. Stella Crasta, Sr. Cornelio Fernandes and Sr. Irene D'Souza were instrumental in this process.

In 1994, Mr. Melwyn Peris took charge of the parish Choir after Sr. Irene D'Souza was transferred to Naravi. Under his leadership our choir has shaped up to be one of the best Choirs in the Diocese. There are about 35 members in the choir group today including a few seniors. We also have a Children's choir which has about 40 members. A few of our Choir members with melodious singing voices and talents have progressed to become professional Konkani singers. Singers like Mr. Maxim Pereira, Zeena Pereira, Joseph Pinto and a few more have proved their talents in public Konkani singing and are an asset to our Parish. Mr. Melwyn Peris being himself a highly acclaimed Vocalist (Singer) and composer, Lyricist of Konkani Liturgical and Traditional Hymns and Music is the guiding spirit and Choir Master to our upcoming singing talents in the Parish.

A melodious and disciplined Choir accompanying at the Eucharistic Celebration and other Liturgical Ceremonies. We can surely say without any doubt that, our Choir makes the participating faithful get closer to the Almighty God and strengthen their faith. At Present, our Parish is blessed with such a Choir.

Choir group conducts regular practices for the adult’s choir group on Thursday evenings and for children's choir group Saturday evenings