Altar Servers Association

The Altar Servers Association (Sodality) was founded in 1935 (07, August 1935) shortly after the 'Angelore Parish' was Erected. It has been grown up steadily thereafter, with the support and encouragement of the parish clergy and the parents of the Altar Servers.

Parish Priest is the spiritual director of the association. The Assistant Priest directs the members and organizes the spiritual and other activities of the sodality. Every Sundays members conduct regular meetings after the Children’s Mass.

Meeting procedures includes a hymn, opening prayer, Bible reading and prayers of the faithful. The members of the sodality take active part in it.

They celebrate their annual day in the month of October. As a preparation to this, they conduct various competitions among themselves. They also prepare a small cultural programme on their feast day. This helps them to develop their talents and personality AND also organize a picnic once in a year to build up their unity.

Members are given training and encouragement for leadership, competitions, and discipline in life etc. The members help willingly to serve at the altar during the Mass.

They also spend some time in rendering some service to the parish. Besides assisting on Eucharistic Celebrations at the Altar, on main occasions such as Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Parish Day, Diocesan Eucharistic procession and other important Parish events all the altar servers participate with their Sodality dress. Sodality has helped many boys to come up in their life. Parents encourage their children to join this association.

The Altar Servers Association meets every Sunday at 10.30 am. The Assistant Priest conducts the meetings which includes regular prayers from the hand book, reading of a passage from the Bible, followed by a message. They are divided into three groups and each group has a leader and a secretary. Regular camps are being conducted at the Parish level and diocesan level for the Altar servers.